BLACKTOP MOJO Release Official Music Video for "Prodigal"

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Texas based hard rock band BLACKTOP MOJO has released the official music video for “Prodigal,” off of their most recent LP, Burn The Ships.

“We had fun making the video with some of our good friends from our hometown acting out the main parts. We felt like the father-son dynamic in the video really reflected the song’s theme. The song is sort of autobiographical. It’s about the experience of growing up in a small town and always talking about ‘getting out’ one day. No matter where or how far you go, though, you always have a little bit of where you came from that you take with you.” – Matt James

Blacktop Mojo is:

Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar- Matt James 
Guitar/ Backing Vocals – Kenneth Irwin 
Percussion – Nathan Gillis 
Bass – Matt Curtis 
Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals – Ryan Kiefer

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